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We are simply two cooks who want to share the sustainable, vibrant, and wholesome way of eating that is Korean cuisine.

About AldA and Alda Food



AldA is a fast-casual bibimbap (mixed rice bowl) concept that aims to serve nutritious yet indulgent Korean food. It will be a wholly customizable experience in which the diner will choose the different vegetables, toppings, and proteins to eat mixed with rice or wrapped in lettuce. Grab-and-go options such as various Tri-Rice will be served as well. These are triangles of rice stuffed with meat or vegetables and wrapped in gheem (dried and roasted seaweed). We don't have a permanent location yet but we can be found at the Riverside Farmer's Market on Wednesdays (beginning June 5th) from 2 - 7 p.m. and La Grange Farmer's Market on Thursdays (beginning May 9th) from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.! Come visit us!

AldA Food


AldA Food offers catering and cooking classes! The food is not limited to Korean cuisine. We can do anything from Korean barbecue to Texas barbecue; sushi to fresh pasta; from fried chicken dinner to desserts! Whatever the occasion - formal or informal - we will adapt to your needs. We would even be happy to develop a menu with you personally! Because we are still a small business,  we can only handle so much volume. Contact us with questions or to book our services today.

About Us

Our names are Yejin Yoon and Aaron Best. The two of us attended and met at the Culinary Institute of America where we earned our Associate's degrees in Culinary Arts and our Bachelor's degrees in Business Management (Yejin with a concentration in Intrapreneurship). Our experience in the food industry includes fine dining, catering, fast casual, and even our own pop-up restaurant, Boire! We have both worked in the back of house as well as front, and love the creativity and hospitality of the industry. Aaron prefers the front, where he can make friends and make them smile while Yejin prefers the back, where she can create dishes and hum to herself. 

Why Bibimbap?


Yejin was born in Korea and grew up in the Baltimore suburbs in a Korean-speaking (and eating) household. She had the dream of sharing Korean culture from a young age and believed food and commensality was the ultimate universal language. After working at Chipotle in high school, she realized that accessible, affordable, transparent food was the best way to reach a large audience and to make a change in the food system. Bibimbap includes a multitude of seasoned vegetables and meats that highlight the diversity and vibrancy of Korean cuisine and is different in every household and restaurant. It translates seamlessly into a fast-casual setting and is healthy, vegetable and grain forward, and delicious.

Why "AldA?"


AldA means "to know" in Korean. We want customers to know what is in the food they're eating and to know that it's made with health, sustainability, and taste in mind.

We want customers to know that they can come to us for a fast, wholesome, and customized meal that will be consistent and delicious every time.

We want customers - Korean or otherwise - to know that our aim is to pay respect to the Korean way of eating and culture. 

We want customers and the industry to know that we are making every effort to keep our methods green, sustainable, and ever-improving. 

We want customers and the industry to know that we will ensure the fair treatment and respect of our employees on every level and invest in them in any way possible. 

What is "AldA Food?"


We currently do not have a permanent location, but the first iteration of our restaurant, AldA, will be at the LaGrange Farmer's Market! In the meantime, we are offering our catering services as "AldA Food" which include parties, cooking classes, daily personalized cooking, and even weddings! 

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AldA Food