"Seasonal" Vegetabe hash commissioned by Doyeon

Commissioned by my cool aunt, Doyeon! A sommelier extraordinaire.   "Seasonal" because almost none of these vegetables are actually in season but we're limited when there aren't any farmer's markets open around here yet! We would highly recommend going to a market or local grocery store when possible to get the best produce (among other local products). Use whatever and as many vegetables as you'd like!  Dedicated to my folks at Grace Church who frequently asked me how to make this. 

A Quick How-To for Pan-fried Brussels

Excluding cutting the sprouts and preheating the pan, this is actually how long it took to prepare these brussels sprouts! You can apply this method to searing other vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, the list goes on!

Spiced Chicken and Tomato Stew (Made with leftover Daal)

 If you're anything like me, you get easily bored of repetitive meals. I'm always thinking about how to incorporate a dish into a new one later to keep the week interesting!   We already built so much warm flavor in the "Daal" we made earlier in the week, so to add that to a stew would only make it better and add body. Watch "Daal Commissioned by Christine and Sam" to see how to make the lentil stew we added to this!   As always, please feel free to message with questions and/or substitutions.

daal commisioned by christine and sam

Asnia, a friend we met in culinary school, taught me how to make daal - a spiced lentil stew that is ubiquitous in Pakistan and India. I hadn't made it in quite a while because I actually ate it TOO often for a time since they're so delicious, hearty, chea, and easy to make.
These smells and flavors brought me right back to the Pakistani feast we prepared together for a "Friendsgiving" dinner held in our dorm  🥰  
Stay tuned for a video on how to add these to a spiced chicken and tomato stew! 

Easy Coconut Curry

Curry paste and coconut milk are amazing pantry staples for those that just need some variety! Curry is a great way to eat a wide variety of vegetables (vitamins) and get the most use out of a smaller amount of meat. What would have been 2 servings of roasted chicken was made into a big pot of curry that fed the two of us over three meals! 

Kimchi jjigae commissioned by hojin

 We know this isn't accessible to everyone right now, but we just wanted to share this dish that Yej couldn't live without.
This was commissioned by @yojinhoon ! It's a staple in every home in Korea and enjoyed at any time of the day (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). Kimchi is one of Korea's pride and joys and is incredibly good for the body. Especially the gut. 


Watch to see how to make cold brew and then this delicious coffee milk! Be warned: this stuff has got some JUICE. 


 One of our go-to meals has always been fried rice.
You can put as many or as few ingredients as you'd like and it's great for using up leftover proteins and vegetables! Any vegetable bits and ends you don't know what to do with? FRIED RICE. Watch "Omurice" to see how to put the fried rice into an omelette! As always, please feel free to comment or DM us with any questions about substitutes! 


 Perfect excuse to eat fried rice for breakfast or breakfast for dinner. Or lunch! Brunch! Any time! 


 We could all use some homemade comfort right now. Watch to see how we make broth and then this soup! A twofer. 

Tater-tot "tacos"

 Not cheffy. Not sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. Great quick breakfast.
Tacos only in shape! Any form of spud will do 🤘🏼🤘🏼  

Fridge dump stir-fry

 Something to stretch out that one leftover steak/chicken breast/pork chop/tofu/etc. Can use ANY vegetables on hand!! For our Chicagoland neighbors: if you'd like to order local, responsibly-produced meat (among other things), check out Finn's Ranch and Jake's Country Meats! They're doing no-contact deliveries/pickups regularly in the area and are two of our favorite fellow market vendors! Trust us, the quality doesn't compare to what you find in supermarkets.