alda relief fund faq and info

How are you planning on distributing donations?

Here's the plan:

First, we have to be able to gauge the amount we can raise (refer to FAQ below)!
We are in the process of contacting owners/managers of businesses that have had to shut down due to the crisis. We will then be put into contact with employee representatives that can work with us to see where the need is greatest. 

What if this only raises $20?

Like we said in our intro video, ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP!!! If at the end of all of this the amount is such that we can't distribute it, we will donate it to a more established fund. We are furiously researching to find one that applies directly to our immediate area. The most important thing is that the money goes straight to the employees of the restaurant industry that are hurting most. Not to larger companies. 

What if I don't have the ingredients mentioned in the videos?

PLEASE comment on the videos or private message us. We will offer viable substitutes or even recommend recipes for the specific ingredients you have on hand! 

How do I commission dishes?

You are welcome to private message us here (scroll down to the bottom of the Homepage) or through social media! You can also go to the "Commissions" tab on our Ko-Fi page, There are some commission ideas there or you can submit a request via the "Direct Commission Request." 

Who's eating this food?

All of the videos we post are genuinely just things we're eating at home while social distancing. If we have to start picking up the pace of production (or if the commissions start rolling in), we will reach out to our neighbors to see if there are any especially vulnerable people that would benefit from some (free) home cooking delivered contact-free to their doorstep! 

Any more questions? Feel free to reach out. We have always striven to be as transparent as possible.